Abstract art is impersonal, expressed in movements such as a burst, swipe, or something falling.

Ideas and sensations initiate action during the painting event; the actions taken during the processes of creating evoke further expression.

Once a foundational concept is established, making art happens fairly quickly. The entire process is considered a success when the art evokes states if the viewer can free themselves of seeing representational forms in the work, and instead, see the art directly, without interpretation.

My art mirrors the experience of the human psyche. It is made by moving with freedom, and this is why we can relate to it. It reflects inner states, without representation; a statement of what is, in a moment.

It also helps the understanding of my art to reflect on our bi-lateral symmetry, our conditional duality (head above and body below) subject to gravity, and our proprioception (the internal sense of our body in space). This is my inner subject, while the flowing paint or manipulated digital media reflect that reality in real-time.

I am not attempting to invent anything new. Art for me is timeless; or if anything, receding back in time rather than forward.